Transcript Upload Instructions

The Fulbright Program requires a complete academic record of your higher education. You must provide transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions from which you received or expect to receive degrees, regardless of your degree level. Transcripts must also be submitted from other institutions where you received 12 or more credits for coursework.

Failure to submit any required transcripts will result in your being declared ineligible.

Your full name and the institution name must be clearly stated on all transcripts.


Type of Transcript

The transcript that you scan and upload must be a document that was produced by the registrar. Essentially this will be an academic record that is organized chronologically--with course titles, credits and grades. This may be a Student Copy of an official transcript or the official transcript itself. Do not include screenshots of an online grade portal.

 It is not necessary for you to submit individual transcripts that list fewer than 12 transfer credits/grades if the course work is not relevant to your Fulbright project; this includes transfer credits, summer programs or short-term study abroad. Some transcripts also report coursework from a different institution. If the course names and grades appear on the transcript that you are uploading, then it is not necessary for you to also upload a separate transcript for transfer credit.


Narrative Evaluations

If your transcripts are comprised of narrative evaluations and not letter grades, then you will need to reduce the number of pages that you submit. The first pages of the scanned document will be the transcript summary that chronologically lists the courses you have taken and credit received. This can be followed by several pages of narrative comments, generally courses from the most recent semesters and/or courses that are most relative to the project.

Please do not scan or upload copies of certificates, non-degree course work, or other awards. You may note this type of coursework or certificate, if appropriate, in other sections of the application.


Upload Transcripts to the Online Application

You can upload transcripts on the Transcript page  of the Fulbright Online Application.
Once you have collected all your transcripts, upload the corresponding document for each institution and degree level, as listed on the Academic Information page of the application.

You may upload transcripts as a single- or multi-page PDF, or each page as a JPEG or TIFF image file. Your scanned document may be large and may take several minutes to upload depending upon the speed of your connection.

Make sure that your document is legible and orientation is correct for all pages in the document. It will not be a positive reflection on your application if your transcript is not legible or is side-ways when viewed in the PDF. 8.5 x 11 page format will appear best in the final application PDF. Make sure that your transcript PDF is not password protected or set to expire. Transcripts that cannot be viewed will be considered missing from the application.

After you upload your transcripts, preview the page to make sure that you uploaded the correct transcript(s); the pages are legible; and that the page orientation is correct.
If you include extraneous information in this section, your application may not receive as thorough a review. Please do not scan or upload copies of certificates, non-degree course work, or other awards.

Selected candidates will be asked to submit updated transcripts prior to the start of the grant.