Grantee Reports

You may recall from your Orientation materials that the Fulbright Program asks all grantees to complete Mid-term and Final Reports. These reports are web-based and can be completed on-line. To do so, go to the website

Your IIE Program Manager or the Fulbright Commission will send you instructions on accessing your account.

Please note that the Grantee Report System will open in late December of your grant year.


Submission Dates For These Reports Are:

Mid-term Report: By the end of the month that marks the midpoint of your grant period. For most of you, this would be on or about the beginning of the sixth month.

Final Report: No earlier than the month before the end of your grant period. Note: The final month's stipend may be withheld pending receipt of the Final Report.

Information in these reports for is very helpful to us for updating our materials as well as in determining if problems occurred, how communications among the various parties worked/is working, whether benefits are sufficient, etc. So we urge you to take the time to complete the form thoughtfully.

Contact your IIE Program Manager or the Fulbright Commission in your host country if you have any questions or problems logging on.