Fulbright ASSIST for U.S. Student Fulbrighters

Fulbright grantees on other programs such as the Foreign Student or Visiting Scholars Programs should contact Seven Corners directly for medical issues and should be in contact with their IIE advisor for assistance with both urgent and non-urgent concerns.

Contact information for the Fulbright Foreign Student Program can be found here.

Urgent Case Services

  • Mental health crisis support*
  • Sexual assault response
  • Violent Crime response
  • Assisting grantees who have been caught up in civil unrest, natural disasters, or terrorist incidents if unable to reach the Fulbright Commission/U.S. Embassy in the host country
  • Providing advice to grantees when they feel at risk or vulnerable

Non-Urgent Case Services

  • Medical advice (provided by licensed intensive care nurses)
  • Travel health information
  • Personal security advice

Fulbright ASSIST is a benefit for all grantees in the Fulbright U.S. Student Program while they are on their grants in their host countries.  Fulbright ASSIST is designed to augment the health benefits that are concurrently provided through ASPE.  The Fulbright ASSIST service is operated by The ANVIL Group.  

Fulbright ASSIST is accessible 24 hours a day and is available to provide support to Fulbrighters in urgent and non-urgent situations.  The intensive care nurses responding to grantee calls are trained to handle serious situations such as sexual assaults and mental health crises.  They can also provide medical advice.  In addition, ANVIL’s security team is able to counsel grantees on security overseas and offer security/personal safety support.


Fulbright ASSIST Contact Information

Phone: +1-813-666-0012
Email: FulbrightASSIST@anvilgroup.com

When contacting Fulbright ASSIST for the first time, please be prepared to provide your full name and date of birth along with your host country and grant dates. This information will allow ANVIL staff to verify your status as a U.S. Fulbright Student grantee.

If you unable to call the Fulbright ASSIST line directly and need to have the Fulbright ASSIST team give you a call, please email FulbrightASSIST@anvilgroup.com with your name, host country, and date of birth and indicate that you need them to call you. Make sure to provide them with your complete international phone number, including relevant country codes and area codes.

The information provided by you to The ANVIL Group in the event of an illness, emergency or other personal crisis is considered private. However, it may be responsibly shared within organizations administrating your grant program in their efforts to assist and support you.

*For more information, read about the Fulbright health benefits coverage.  Questions regarding health benefits claims and coverage should be addressed to Seven Corners.